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What is the ‘Walters Way’?

An experiment.  A modest attempt by a middle-aged law professor to find new ways of connecting effectively with students and of helping students begin to find their way in the fast changing and increasingly challenging legal environment.  The continuation of a voyage (undertaken with some measure of trepidation) from the familiar comforts of the analogue world to the brave new digital world, a world where old ways of doing things are being disrupted and new ways of doing things are emerging in the blink of an eye or in the click of a mouse.

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What do I aim to achieve?  

  • To help aspiring lawyers understand the rapidly changing ‘real world’ of legal services and legal practice and the survival skills that are now needed to flourish in that space (skills that law schools are often accused – sometimes unfairly – of failing to ‘teach’).

  • To provide resources which reinforce classroom ‘book’ learning in the law subjects I teach by making connections with ‘real world’ issues, experiences and events – real law for real life.

  • To provide a public forum in which the virtues of collaborative & ethical legal practice can be shared and promoted.

For those of you who choose to accompany me, I earnestly hope that the ‘Walters Way’ will take you somewhere useful and not turn out to be a dead end.

CC Image courtesy of clifnotes on flickr

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